It is no surprise that I adore chocolate but as a coeliac it doesn’t always love me back. Every December I feel like I am missing out when it comes to chocolate Advent Calendars but I am sad no more. I have finally found The One with the Pure Heavenly gluten free, low sugar and vegan calendars.

These yummy calendars come in milk or white chocolate variant (I got both, duh!). I love the high quality and *of course* the taste! I definitely watch my sugar intake with my family history of diabetes and I dislike sugar-loaded gluten free chocolate where sugar is only added to mask the low quality formula.

It is especially hard to find a lovely Advent Calendar if you are gluten free and vegan. Pure Heavenly got us covered! It really makes me happy opening that little numbered window every day to enjoy a little drop of heavenly.

Now is a good time to get your calendar as three units are £15 with the code ADVENT3. You can basically eat one week worth of chocolate to catch up and save a calendar for January as a tasty countdown to payday 🙂

Pure Heavenly also run a subsciption based Chocolate Club (mmm..) . I am not surprised that they won BBC Dragons Den!

Get your chocolate fix here

Petra XOXO

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Petra Bryant

I am a UK based freelance writer, author, content creator and a publicist. I mainly cover beauty products, fashion, style, sexual wellness and gluten free lifestyle. I am currently working on my second book. In my former life I was a film actress. What a blast from the past but some of my films are still being released! I am also the (in) famous #TequilaGirl GIF My debut novel Girl on a Rocking Horse can be purchased in the UK & US via Amazon Kindle Get in touch if you would like me to collaborate with you or invite me to an event. I am interested in the topic of beauty, medical aesthetics, style (especially sustainable fashion), gluten free lifestyle, health and sexual wellness.

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