Petra : I am so happy to have met you on my journey for restoring my life balance. Can you please tell me what has inspired you to train as a qualified Holistic Massage Therapist, Reiki Practitioner, Certified Breath Coach & Certified Yoga Alliance Teacher ?

Sarah: As a child, I felt the call towards healing work but lost my direction as I went through the education system. I let my head guide me towards a career in Optics but after 18 years in the field,  could no longer ignore the call of my heart. I studied Anatomy & physiology as a base to start a massage course and was hypnotised by the innate wisdom of the human body.  I realised the power of looking after the body as a whole versus the ‘pill to fix an ill’ mindset of western healthcare.  The mind, body & emotions must all be considered and cared for optimum health. 

Petra: Who is Hatha Yoga suitable for and where can new clients find you ? I hear you also run yoga and foraging retreats. Please tell us more.

Sarah: In the West we have come to know Yoga as a movement/exercise practice but Yoga actually means Union and is more a state of being. Hatha Yoga is the movement/posture branch of Yoga and translates to ‘Sun- Moon’. Yoga sees every body as having feminine and masculine energy and Hatha is a practice of using these 2 equal but opposite energies to balance the body & achieve a state of union, connection & harmony.

A  typical Hatha class will involve some flowing sequences such as Sun Salutations and some asanas (postures)  that create strength and flexibility in the body & mind.

Petra: What is your favourite part of living in our cute town, Westgate-on-Sea? Are there any hidden gems you would recommend?

Sarah: I love the peaceful sandy beaches that are much quieter than our neighbouring Margate. We are blessed in the Summer months to witness the sunset over the sea which is spectacular and my favourite way to close my day.

Hidden gems- Staple Bakery. This artisan bakery is tucked away from the High St but literally behind my home so I get to wake up to the smell of baking bread in the morning!

Also the Town Hall Function room where I hold a weekly Yoga class, situated above The Carlton Cinema is a stunning room. The exterior architecture is so unique- Edwardian era Swiss Gothic Style. Many Westgate residents have never been inside until they come for a class and always admire the place.

Petra: I have attended one of your online seminars that you run with your sister who is also a Holistic Coach. You talked about investing in yourself. Please tell us more.

Sarah: We love having you in our seminars!
We are constantly investing in ourselves whether it’s consciously or not. This could  look like a take away at the weekend versus a cookery course where we learn the skills to eat healthy. Both have taken time & money but one decision might be a little more nourishing for our health & wellbeing!

When we choose to pay more attention to where our time, money ,energy & efforts go, we become aware of what is serving us and what isn’t and then start to move towards investing in more joyful & fulfilling pursuits. So much of our time can be wasted on negative thoughts or scrolling social media. 

It’s such a passion of mine to remind people to give themselves permission to spend their time & money in ways that make them feel good and help them to grow. We  all tell  ourselves we can’t afford to take the trip/sign up for the course/ treat ourselves to that massage and stop ourselves but then unconsciously spend the same money elsewhere. 

Petra: What does your usual day look like?

Sarah: I try to live cyclical so I tune into where I am at on my personal moon cycle ( menstrual cycle ) and adapt my day accordingly. But typically, I wake up around 6 am and drink a glass of spring water with pink salt and lemon or lime essential oil to hydrate and detox. I have also been tongue scraping the last couple of years to remove bacteria- the tongue is a powerful way to read the health of your body. My 2 rescue cats are desperate for breakfast by now so I will say hi to them and feed them raw food diet.

Next is Yoga practice- movement and pranayama. I may include some chanting or meditation if I have time. In the warmer months I’ll do this  on the beach and take a power walk to get my heart rate elevated.

I do intermittent fasting because it’s so good for resetting the body & focusing the mind and I break my fast late morning with a smoothie or cup of ceremonial grade cacao. Cacao is a superfood plant medicine that is nutritionally dense and full of essential fats which help to stop cravings for sugar, caffeine and carbs. When I  drink cacao in the morning I feel so much more present and in flow as it opens the heart chakra so you tune into gratitude and feel more positive. I love it’s effects so much that my sister and I started a company – The Holistic Health Collective, where we sell a cacao subscription and offer cacao ceremonies online. 

Workwise will vary season to season so I may be offering an in person 1:1 session of Yoga, massage or energy healing. I love face to face work but during the lockdown when this wasn’t possible, I  took my offerings online in a wellness membership. I’ll spend some time content creating, planning sessions or recording for The Holistic Health Circle.

I have my main meal at lunchtime so all my food is digested before bedtime which means I sleep very soundly indeed! I’ll make a plant based meal – I don’t label myself as vegan but I haven’t eaten meat for years and I avoid dairy.

At the moment I am studying, so I might spend some time reading or researching trauma & resilience informed  Yoga. 

My partner and I turn tech off at least an hour before bed so if I’m not holding space in a cacao ceremony or women’s circle,  I’ll wind down with a bath, beach walk or more Yoga! 

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