I got a lot of love for natural skincare brands and it is my absolute pleasure to introduce Ginger Fox Natural Beauty. I met the brand founder(Agne) through my Kent-based yoga teacher Sarah King (we do like our holistic approach to life!). Here we sit down for a post-downward dog chat:

PB: Why did you start your own skincare brand?

Since childhood I struggled with my highly sensitive skin and bright ginger hair, I was unable to find products that didn’t result in painful flare ups, and was constantly dying over my natural colour.

I felt a lot of pressure to conform to a stereotypical type of ‘beauty’  and it took me a long time to find confidence in myself and realise the importance of accepting myself as I am..

I decided eventually to take matters in to my own hands, and I trained as an aesthetician, studying the skin, and researching the most effective natural ingredients so that I could create a skincare range for myself, and others like me..

I believe firmly in respecting our planet, showing kindness to others, and harnessing the power of nature to effectively treat the skin.

Ginger Fox is a nickname my husband gave me when we first met, and for me it felt like the perfect name for  my products; it embodies my love of nature and animals, and my hope to encourage everyone to embrace their natural beauty..

What does your average day look like?

It varies a lot, I do have 2 young boys . So normally, it’s getting them ready for school , breakfast . That’s why I like simple/ short touch and go solutions for my skincare .

Once I dropped my sons to nursery/ school , then I have couple of hours to spend on my business. Responding to emails, shipping , researching ..

What makes GF different from other clean beauty brands?

We challenge the misconception that power and efficacy come from harsh formulations.

The skin is the largest organ of the body, and our naturally-sourced ingredients are specifically blended to work in harmony with it.

We optimise skin health and cell function by providing blends of the right vitamins, nutrients and minerals to work in synergy with the skin, even the most sensitive.

Any recommendations for visitors coming to your local town of Broadstairs? 

I have moved to Broadstairs over 6 years ago from London.

We fell in love with it’s beautiful beaches, but especially so love walks and unique rocks on the Botany Bay.

Also, there are beautiful and quirky shops in Margate’s old town .

What is next for you?

A few months ago, we have built Ginger Fox Cabin for the facial and body treatments.

This was my goal for a while and I am very excited to invite people into this space .

If you had to pick just one of your products, which one would it be and why?

Of course I love them all, but my absolute everyday product that I use is the Marula Facial oil.

I have always suffered with eczema and dry skin and this oil sinks into the beautifully leaving it nourished and glowing.

Some of my clients commented that it makes perfect base before applying the foundation.

Agne has the most gorgeous translucent porcelain skin that glows from within. She is the true poster girl for Ginger Fox!

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Petra Bryant

I am a UK based freelance writer, author, content creator and a publicist. I mainly cover beauty products, fashion, style, sexual wellness and gluten free lifestyle. I am currently working on my second book. In my former life I was a film actress. What a blast from the past but some of my films are still being released! I am also the (in) famous #TequilaGirl GIF My debut novel Girl on a Rocking Horse can be purchased in the UK & US via Amazon Kindle Get in touch if you would like me to collaborate with you or invite me to an event. I am interested in the topic of beauty, medical aesthetics, style (especially sustainable fashion), gluten free lifestyle, health and sexual wellness.

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