I am a UK based writer.

In my former life I was a film actress – click here to see all my fun roles. What a blast from the past but some of my films are still being released! I am also the (in) famous #TequilaGirl GIF but I don’t drink alcohol in real life.

I mainly cover clean beauty, style, fragrance and gluten free lifestyle. I am currently working on my second book.

My debut novel Girl on a Rocking Horse can be purchased in the UK & US via Amazon Kindle

Little bit more about me…I am a Czech girl, and my pet hate is wasting food. I sell and buy my clothes on Ebay, in vintage stores, charity shops but I also buy new, mainly sustainable garments. I am obsessed with lingerie and underwear and have been since I was a little girl. I like style instead of fashion as I don’t really follow trends in such.

I am an Aquarius with a niche fragrance wardrobe (always space for more!).

Get in touch if you would like to collaborate with me, make me an ambassador or invite me to an event. I am interested in the topic of beauty, medical aesthetics, style (especially sustainable fashion), gluten free lifestyle (I am a coeliac), health and sexual wellness.