I adore lingerie and underwear but I like combining style with comfort. Here I am chilling in my seamless Cloud Bamboo Bralette (size S) and a matching thong (10).

The bra has adjustable straps for gentle support and there are no tags or labels (no more scratchy feeling or environmental waste). My favourite thing is just how soft the material feels against my skin; bamboo, viscose, polyamide and elastane is the perfect marriage of soft texture. The composition is extremely lightweight and kind to the most sensitive skin. The bralette comes in four natural colours.

The fabric feels indulgent and luxurious yet doesn’t require special care. This is a win win for someone like me who gets bored of handwashing my smalls.

BAM Clothing gets extra points for their sustainability and positive impact on our beautiful planet.

Try ‘pants to explore in’ for yourself; your skin will thank you.


Petra : I am so happy to have met you on my journey for restoring my life balance. Can you please tell me what has inspired you to train as a qualified Holistic Massage Therapist, Reiki Practitioner, Certified Breath Coach & Certified Yoga Alliance Teacher ?

Sarah: As a child, I felt the call towards healing work but lost my direction as I went through the education system. I let my head guide me towards a career in Optics but after 18 years in the field,  could no longer ignore the call of my heart. I studied Anatomy & physiology as a base to start a massage course and was hypnotised by the innate wisdom of the human body.  I realised the power of looking after the body as a whole versus the ‘pill to fix an ill’ mindset of western healthcare.  The mind, body & emotions must all be considered and cared for optimum health. 

Petra: Who is Hatha Yoga suitable for and where can new clients find you ? I hear you also run yoga and foraging retreats. Please tell us more.

Sarah: In the West we have come to know Yoga as a movement/exercise practice but Yoga actually means Union and is more a state of being. Hatha Yoga is the movement/posture branch of Yoga and translates to ‘Sun- Moon’. Yoga sees every body as having feminine and masculine energy and Hatha is a practice of using these 2 equal but opposite energies to balance the body & achieve a state of union, connection & harmony.

A  typical Hatha class will involve some flowing sequences such as Sun Salutations and some asanas (postures)  that create strength and flexibility in the body & mind.

Petra: What is your favourite part of living in our cute town, Westgate-on-Sea? Are there any hidden gems you would recommend?

Sarah: I love the peaceful sandy beaches that are much quieter than our neighbouring Margate. We are blessed in the Summer months to witness the sunset over the sea which is spectacular and my favourite way to close my day.

Hidden gems- Staple Bakery. This artisan bakery is tucked away from the High St but literally behind my home so I get to wake up to the smell of baking bread in the morning!

Also the Town Hall Function room where I hold a weekly Yoga class, situated above The Carlton Cinema is a stunning room. The exterior architecture is so unique- Edwardian era Swiss Gothic Style. Many Westgate residents have never been inside until they come for a class and always admire the place.

Petra: I have attended one of your online seminars that you run with your sister who is also a Holistic Coach. You talked about investing in yourself. Please tell us more.

Sarah: We love having you in our seminars!
We are constantly investing in ourselves whether it’s consciously or not. This could  look like a take away at the weekend versus a cookery course where we learn the skills to eat healthy. Both have taken time & money but one decision might be a little more nourishing for our health & wellbeing!

When we choose to pay more attention to where our time, money ,energy & efforts go, we become aware of what is serving us and what isn’t and then start to move towards investing in more joyful & fulfilling pursuits. So much of our time can be wasted on negative thoughts or scrolling social media. 

It’s such a passion of mine to remind people to give themselves permission to spend their time & money in ways that make them feel good and help them to grow. We  all tell  ourselves we can’t afford to take the trip/sign up for the course/ treat ourselves to that massage and stop ourselves but then unconsciously spend the same money elsewhere. 

Petra: What does your usual day look like?

Sarah: I try to live cyclical so I tune into where I am at on my personal moon cycle ( menstrual cycle ) and adapt my day accordingly. But typically, I wake up around 6 am and drink a glass of spring water with pink salt and lemon or lime essential oil to hydrate and detox. I have also been tongue scraping the last couple of years to remove bacteria- the tongue is a powerful way to read the health of your body. My 2 rescue cats are desperate for breakfast by now so I will say hi to them and feed them raw food diet.

Next is Yoga practice- movement and pranayama. I may include some chanting or meditation if I have time. In the warmer months I’ll do this  on the beach and take a power walk to get my heart rate elevated.

I do intermittent fasting because it’s so good for resetting the body & focusing the mind and I break my fast late morning with a smoothie or cup of ceremonial grade cacao. Cacao is a superfood plant medicine that is nutritionally dense and full of essential fats which help to stop cravings for sugar, caffeine and carbs. When I  drink cacao in the morning I feel so much more present and in flow as it opens the heart chakra so you tune into gratitude and feel more positive. I love it’s effects so much that my sister and I started a company – The Holistic Health Collective, where we sell a cacao subscription and offer cacao ceremonies online. 

Workwise will vary season to season so I may be offering an in person 1:1 session of Yoga, massage or energy healing. I love face to face work but during the lockdown when this wasn’t possible, I  took my offerings online in a wellness membership. I’ll spend some time content creating, planning sessions or recording for The Holistic Health Circle.

I have my main meal at lunchtime so all my food is digested before bedtime which means I sleep very soundly indeed! I’ll make a plant based meal – I don’t label myself as vegan but I haven’t eaten meat for years and I avoid dairy.

At the moment I am studying, so I might spend some time reading or researching trauma & resilience informed  Yoga. 

My partner and I turn tech off at least an hour before bed so if I’m not holding space in a cacao ceremony or women’s circle,  I’ll wind down with a bath, beach walk or more Yoga! 

Connect with Sarah here



Seaweed used to lighten your hair? Something a bit witchery about that surely? Nothing short of ingenious I say. The trouble with being blonde is that traditional highlighting bleaches can make your dry, brittle or even give you hair breakage. When you are looking for blonde highlights or to be all over blonde you want that hair to shine and look healthy and nourished. In the words of Hair Organics Salon:

Our Seaweed powder combined with our Fruitoxy booster allows just small and even bursts of oxygen to be released that lighten your hair as light as required, whilst fruit oils deeply moisturise and nourish your hair often leaving it in better condition than before the process. We believe that you will notice a big difference to your highlights in that they will have a glossy shine which cannot be achieved with traditional bleaching techniques.


Styled by the London rain…


Styled by Matus !

Hair Organics got two London locations, Putney and Notting Hill with amazing team of hair stylists and colourists. I am into natural products so these guys tick all of my boxes. Even their hand wash in the bathroom is eco conscious and SLS free. But the best are the staff – always welcoming and ready for a challenge. My frizzy hair is no easy feat! Matus hails from Slovakia and brings his European flair and fun personality as well as expertise. My hair was transformed with a combination of balayage and highlights (and several cups of green tea to keep me awake after a night shift working at the hospital).

The price list for Putney salon is a bit different to the Notting Hill branch so please check it out . They also sell their award-winning hair care range to maximize after care. It is no wonder this salon won Green Salon of the Year award!

Going blonder the natural way leaves hair in superb condition and shine.

Thank you, Hair Organics!


In the last few months I have fallen Downward Dog over heels for Hatha Yoga. I used to be a Pilatina but yoga has stolen my heart and a couple inches off my waist!

The first few sessions were spent in uncomfortable tight leggings which cut in all the wrong places. I found myself fidgeting during some poses and my tush felt exposed. BAM Clothing Grace Yoga Pants have elevated my yoga practice to another level and brought a complete sense of calm and freedom of movement.

They are INCREDIBLY soft. I have to tell you that in capital letters as this is serious softness not to be missed. The fabric is a perfect mix of Bamboo Viscose, Organic Cotton and Elastane and the cut is beautifully high-waisted and hugs my curves like a dream.

Soft, stretchy and unbelievably comfortable, the pants have a loose fit through the leg for unrestricted bending and stretching (if you try yoga in regular trackies, they will roll down your calf pronto). The supportive double-thickness waistband and ankles have gathers for a nicely fitted and flattering effect. And have I mentioned the hidden inner third pocket? Moisture managing and kind to sensitive skin, they also have a UV protection rating of 50+ –( ideal if you take your practice outside in summer ).

Grace Yoga & Pilates pants are currently on sale and they come in 4 fabulous colours.

If you would like to read more about the BAM ethos and where their bamboo comes from, this is a truly fascinating read . I am delighted to be wearing a responsibly sourced garment to my yoga practice (and sometimes on my sofa as these soft babies are tough to part with!).

Do check out the rest of the range for the world’s softest bamboo garments (even socks and underwear).

New Year, new you, just make in BAM bamboo!

Petra XOXO


It is no surprise that I adore chocolate but as a coeliac it doesn’t always love me back. Every December I feel like I am missing out when it comes to chocolate Advent Calendars but I am sad no more. I have finally found The One with the Pure Heavenly gluten free, low sugar and vegan calendars.

These yummy calendars come in milk or white chocolate variant (I got both, duh!). I love the high quality and *of course* the taste! I definitely watch my sugar intake with my family history of diabetes and I dislike sugar-loaded gluten free chocolate where sugar is only added to mask the low quality formula.

It is especially hard to find a lovely Advent Calendar if you are gluten free and vegan. Pure Heavenly got us covered! It really makes me happy opening that little numbered window every day to enjoy a little drop of heavenly.

Now is a good time to get your calendar as three units are £15 with the code ADVENT3. You can basically eat one week worth of chocolate to catch up and save a calendar for January as a tasty countdown to payday 🙂

Pure Heavenly also run a subsciption based Chocolate Club (mmm..) . I am not surprised that they won BBC Dragons Den!

Get your chocolate fix here

Petra XOXO


Luisa, you are the editor of Minnirella. 

Please explain your job description as this is not a regular 9-5! What does a magazine editor and a fashion designer do?

I am the founder of Minnirella, which is a women’s fashion brand and we also have a quarterly magazine under the same name. As the editor-in-chief of our magazine and online content, my role involves approving content proposals from our feature editors, as well as holding meetings with potential clients and advertisers. I love my job because I get to speak to so many interesting people on a regular basis – whether it’s a brand we’re working with or an influential person we’re interviewing for a magazine feature.

Working on the Minnirella fashion brand is equally as fun but looks a little different. We’ve just signed off our very first full collection for Autumn/Winter 21. I’m responsible for coming up with new designs and deciding upon the materials we use in our collections. Once our designs are finalised and have created our dress patterns, we put together a tech pack and send it off to the factories we work with. They will then go ahead and make up the garments, ready for us to sell.

How did you get into running your own magazine and what has inspired you?

I’ve worked either as a blogger or magazine editor since 2010 and have written about many different topics over the years. In 2015, I set up Minnirella (originally known back then as “Online Personal Stylist”) and ran it as my full-time business on my own up until 2020. While some businesses really struggled during 2020, others were busier and flourishing more than ever. Admittedly, it came as a surprise to me how much my business grew during 2020 but at the same time, I felt exhausted by the summer. So, I decided that it was time to hire a team but I wasn’t sure how I’d do that as a blogger. My blog up until that point had always been quite personal and it didn’t feel right to hire writers to run my personal blog, which is why I turned back to my publishing roots and transformed the blog into a magazine with a team, each of whom have their own roles.

My goal was to create a magazine for women who want to consume all aspects of life in an aesthetically pleasing way. I’m pleased to say that it has paid off and the feedback I’ve received has been amazing! I still get to voice my own message and opinions in the editor’s letter of each issue and we now have a team of fantastic writers who each bring their own sparkle to every issue and article we publish!

Please tell me about your average day.

Although we have an office, I usually work from home. I wake up between 6am -7am to enjoy those quiet moments first thing in the morning, while savouring a cup of coffee. I then check my emails, take a shower, do my hair and makeup and then for breakfast I usually have tofu scramble while watching something positive and inspiring on Youtube. Minnie, my 7-year old Chihuahua, (and the inspiration behind my brand name) wakes up around 9-10am, which is when we go for our morning walk.

From mid-morning until the early afternoon, I focus on the main tasks I have to complete for the day. This might be meetings, interviews, or working on designs for our clothing line. I take a break around 2pm for lunch and then continue working until around 7pm. After lunch, I check through my emails and make plans for the next if needed. I like to leave my admin work until the afternoon so that I can use my mornings for any tasks that require creativity, productivity and imagination!

You always look radiant. What is your secret?

Coffee and a good concealer haha! Thank you! It has taken me a long time to achieve a more sensible work/life balance but I feel like I have that under control now. I still work hard and often work long hours but I always make sure that I get a good night’s sleep and that I start and end my working day on the same day, rather than working into the next morning like I often used to do. I’m also a huge advocate for the “wake up, dress up” attitude. For me personally, I am so much more productive when I’ve made the effort to do my hair and makeup in the morning. Whenever I skip my getting ready routine and tell myself: “it doesn’t matter what I look like, nobody is going to see me” that little thought can then turn into: “It doesn’t matter what I do today, nobody is going to see me!” We all have our little tricks to get us up and motivated in the mornings and I guess this is mine.

You are a hyphenate – congratulations on your launch of the Minnirella fashion brand. Tell me more!

Thank you! Minnirella is a luxury, zero waste fashion brand, offering timeless items, inspired by the best pieces from every style era. It has always been my dream to start my own fashion brand but the timing never felt right or I’d get stuck at certain obstacles and push the idea to one side. The years went by, 15 in fact, and I still couldn’t stop thinking about having my own clothing line, so I finally took the plunge and went ahead. It has been difficult but there have been many amazing moments during the journey so far. I started to get really serious about launching my clothing brand last autumn (October/November 2020) but the impact of the pandemic and then the Brexit custom issues imposed huge challenges for new businesses that were just getting started. I put the idea off “for a month from now” but then the months rolled on and I hadn’t done anything until this summer when I realised that if I didn’t do something, another year would have passed without taking action. This was quite a frightening realisation, so I got my head down, made a plan and launched my first official clothing collection at the beginning of November 2021.

I have designed all of the items myself – from the colour, texture, materials used, the way they hang, the length, the style, and so on. My vision was to combine modern day ethics with classic styles and luxury tailoring. I’m really pleased to say that we’ve achieved precisely that. All of our garments are ethically made in Europe by expert tailors and seamstresses, as well as in European factories.

Can you offer a career advice for anyone thinking of following your steps?

My biggest piece of advice would be to just go for it! It’s not new advice and I’m sure you’ve heard it a thousand times before but honestly, the biggest challenge is actually getting started! Another top tip is to put in the hours and discipline. Somebody once told me that if you put in the same 8/9 working hours into building your own business, you’re guaranteed to succeed. Consistency is key! 

Thank you for your time and sharing your tips on productivity!

Petra x


Ladies, do you struggle with inspiration for Christmas gift ideas for men? I have done the hard part for you so you don’t have to. The best bit? These gifts are (mostly) unisex and great for sharing (whether he wants to or not).

Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without a new fragrance under that pretty tree. I absolutely adore Remarkable People by Etat Libre d’Orange . This is a very uplifting citrusy nectar with the note of Grapefruit and a Champagne Accord. Then the more sensual second-skin like Sandalwood, Black Pepper and comforting Cardamom join the party. It is beautifully unisex (ding ding jackpot) and extremely wearable all year round. Plus it is not a high-street formula which everyone owns. This is the perfect scent for that remarkable person!

£85 for 50ml

Men love gadgets and Arcwave Ion Pleasure Air Technology Stroker will (literally) love them back! The Stroker is a sleek sex toy for penis owners and focuses on delivering the best sensation to the sensitive tip (the closest thing to a female orgasm). Arcwave has taken the male orgasm into another level and orgasms is the gift that just keeps on giving.

In the words of Arcwave: Experience a new type of orgasm as unique pulsating airwaves stimulate sensitive Pacinian pleasure receptors in the frenulum.

If he has been a truly good boy, £169 will be well spent! Happiness for you both.

Does he steal your skincare or washes his face with a shower gel full of chemicals? Agne from Ginger Fox Natural Beauty has the perfect solution in the shape of Superfood AHA Cleansing Lotion. This cleanser is suitable even for the most sensitive skin (aka yours) and contains my favourite Kaolin Clay. This is an awesome skincare hero for tackling breakouts. Alpha-Hydroxy Acids gently exfoliate (this helps with pesky ingrown hairs for his face and your bikini line) and deliver deep cleanse whilst leaving skin silky soft. Turmeric and Green Tea extract tackle inflammation and bacteria and Avocado Oil nourishes.

The best part? This £19 cleanser doubles up as a face mask.

Whilst I am talking about pampering, I can highly recommend booking a treatment or a spa day at The Corinthia Hotel. This is a dreamy spa in the heart of London but built under the hotel so you are in a tranquil world of your own. The spa got a gorgeous state of the art aqua room. The marble loungers are heated and the warm fire will keep him cosy (or you if you sneakily get a couples treat). I had a hot stone massage and a full body scrub treatment so I know how relaxing this piece of heaven is. You can easily spend the entire day there as you can pop upstairs for a spot of light healthy lunch in your dressing gown.

Want an extra treat? Try their afternoon tea made of cute sweet nibbles, fluffy finger sandwiches and buttery scones. They even cater for *people like me* aka gluten free gal with an expensive taste.

But you will need to shed your robe for this five star experience and slip into something more elegant (with an elasticated waist).

Everyone likes a good snooze, even the male species. Drowsy got you (and his eyes covered). This is a superb sleep mask made from real Mulberry silk. It is a padded soft bliss that wraps around the head and doesn’t slip off all night (honestly). This is especially handy if your man works night shifts or he lives on a busy street with lights.

Favourite part? This £59.95 silky babe doubles up as a blindfold for bedroom play which makes the price tag (almost) acceptable.

Happy Holidays! x


I have recently gone through a break-up and want to share some of my tips that have helped me.

Heartbreak is painful no matter how tough we are. But how we deal with it is important. Also no break-up is the same. It depends why a relationship has ended. If people grow apart and it is an amicable goodbye, it might feel easier than escaping an abusive toxic coupling up. The healing time will also differ but a great self-care routine applies to all.

Firstly accept that it is ok not to be ok. There is no shame in crying, eating crappy food and watching movies on repeat. As long as you don’t stay in this phase for too long. All the crying and sleepless nights can wreck havoc with our immune system and hormones. When we are stressed, cortisol levels shoot up and this contributes to break outs. Combined with junk food and alcohol, your skin will not reward you with a glow. I don’t drink alcohol and gluten free diet keeps me in my lane so I didn’t go too crazy eating carrots. I got too friendly with sandwiches instead. Carbs are life.

So what has helped me?

Talking to friends and spending time with them, no matter how shitty I felt. Granted, the first few days I became glued to my sofa and barely ate anything. I also couldn’t sleep or focus. But texting and actually speaking with my closest friends made a huge difference. If you got a therapist, call them too. It is not fair to keep off loading to friends as they got their own crappola to deal with. But also setting boundaries with some people is essential. I don’t want to broadcast intimate details to everyone and anyone asking (as much as they might be meaning well it can act as a trigger).

I broke up with my ex but I didn’t run to my social media to vent. No matter how things end, it is never a smart idea. Your co-workers will think you have lost your mind (you might have but keep that for your closest buds) and your ex might get a (sick, twisted) satisfaction. Block that number, delete those photos. No second or third chances; know your self-worth. Why be with someone who doesn’t appreciate or see your value the first time round?

Please remember, leaving an unhealthy relationship is an act of self-love.

I have taken up Hatha Yoga in my local town of Westgate-on-Sea and go twice a week. The practice helps me physically, mentally and our little group of yogis is a joy to be around. My teacher is also a ray of sunshine and didn’t judge me for crying through few sessions!

Going for a workout is an achievement to be celebrated. So is walking. I walk 1-2 hours per day as I am lucky to be living by the beach. I eat clean and my gluten free diet is full of fruit, veggies and nuts and seeds. I now got the best toned bum I have had in years and my tummy is getting firm. Getting fitter, hotter but mainly healthy has become my mantra. I am also investing in myself with joining inspirational online Ted talks and seminars and reading empowering books. Another investment is my silk pillow case (no more crease marks or bedhead), sleep mist, CBD oil, candles, incense sticks, vitamin supplements and healthy food to nourish my body and soul. Vitamin D has been fab for mood-lifting.

Self-love is the most important love you will ever have.

Listening to podcasts has also been great. I like My Therapist Ghosted Me. Visiting new places and creating new memories is a must. Look forward not backwards. So my friend and I finally made it to the Shell Grotto in Margate despite feeling sleep-deprived and crummy. All a gal needs is a 4.6 million shells and a handful of brill mates!

I didn’t feel at peace in my home after the break-up. I decluttered and threw away anything that was associated with my ex. I moved furniture around, decluttered, got more green plants and lovely smelling candles. I burned sage for more positive vibes. New bed linen is always a good idea. Claim your space and make it a happy one again. And have plenty of delicious orgasms. If possible, get a new sex toy that your ex hasn’t used with you before. I got my cute pink Womanizer Premium Eco. Fresh start is a blessing. So are multiple orgasms.

To help me drift off, break-up or not, I listen to progressive muscle relaxation and take a warm bath adding Olverum Bath Oil. This is a heavenly mixture of 10 essential oils – Rosemary, Lavender, Verbena, Juniper, Geranium, Eucalyptus, Lemon Peel Oil and more. What a star line up to grace my tub. This delicate formula is perfectly blended to deliver harmony to senses and to slow down that tired brain. As Sylvia Plath wrote, the water really is the best way to purge feelings. Add this dreamy bath oil to make your own poetry.

Olverum Bath Oil turns water into liquid silk; my skin adores feeling supple and hydrated yet not greasy. Each soak is a pampering session. The 125ml luxurious glass bottle will keep you company for 25 baths. This is 25 soaks in The Heartbreak Spa by which time you will be feeling on top of the world.

My bath time is followed by a cup of hot cocoa with plant milk. I am talking raw cacao and not some sugary imposter. It is like a miracle for emotional and physical wellbeing. And bloody delicious.

I then spray my pillow with Olverum sleep mist and apply Kiki Health Magnesium Oil on my wrists. Most of us are deficient so this oil will help with fatique. Magnesium also has calming effect which helps me with falling asleep. The bottle of this will last for months.

I am wishing you all the best on your heartbreak recovery. That feeling of waking up one day and feeling happy and like yourself is the best feeling in the world. I want that for you.

Another thought – being single is like being rich.

Happy healing!

Petra x


I have always envied the likes of Cara Delevigne for her beautiful thick brows. I have been filling in mine with pencils, powders and gels for years. Basically my eyebrows have been a total work of fiction.

After a careful consideration and a thorough research, I have received a consult and a patch test by Jessica Abbott. I was afraid of scarring or a botched permanent tattoo. This is why choosing Jessica was so important to me as she has 15 years of experience. She also trains future artists which is a testament in itself.

There are different types of brows you can choose – Powder, Invisi, Hair Stroke or a Combined. Together we decided on combining above techniques (Combined) to achieve natural yet visible results.

Does it hurt?

The area is thoroughly numbed with a cream (no injections or anything scary) and the treatment feels more tickly than anything else. I could barely feel the first pass. On the second pass the skin is little bit more sensitive so I felt it tiny bit but not painful I promise.

Jessica is highly skilled but also heaps of fun. I love her bubbly personality and positive outlook on life. This is why you must check out her Instagram – Jessica posts before and after photos of her clients as well as documenting fun with her staff.

How long before brows are healed?

Everyone is different but it took me about 10 days. The skin feels a bit dry and tight and then it starts to peel off to reveal the desired colour. At first the colour appears 50% darker (on my way home I thought what the heck did I just do to myself). With the grand reveal I could see it was all worth it! A top up follows roughly 6-12 weeks later just to see if anything needs tweaking.

How long does it last?

This depends on your lifestyle – sun exposure, age etc..I expect mine to stay for about 2 years.

How much does it cost?

The price list and other treatments are here

This is the talented and very lovely Jessica Abbott.

To join her waiting list for her gorgeous Kent clinic (near Canterbury) :

07889 628 359


The market is saturated with CBD products, but it is quality I go for. If a CBD oil is suspiciously cheap, it means the strength will be well, weakness. You will be paying for a diluted product which will leave you unsatisfied.

Why CBD?

CBD ranges from potential benefits for treating chronic illness to supplementing general health and well-being. In my opinion it is excellent for fibromyalgia, insomnia and anxiety.

I am a keen CBD user (nope, it doesn’t get me high) and have tried oral drops, body balms, sexual wellness creams, bath salts, vape etc…I got several go-to brands on my roster and Infused Amphora is one of them.

I have finally got my mitts on their High Strength CBD Oil Drops – they come in 4 variations at 30ml. Mine is called Inspire to help me boost creativity (my next book isn’t going to pen itself) and to relax me. This potent citrusy yet earthy flavoured formula contains 6000mg of CBD (yes, honey!).

Infused Amphora’s 6000mg High Strength CBD Oil Drops are seriously potent for ultimate effectiveness! Each full dropper contains 200mg of pure CBD extract, plant-based terpenes and MCT oil to help you meet your wellness goals quickly and conveniently.

It is also made of 100% organically grown hemp. Quality over quantity always.

Get yours here £99.99