As an eco-conscious Aquarius lady, I knew I had to get my manicured mitts on Womanizer’s latest Premium Eco toy. It arrived in a fully recyclable packaging and an environment friendly charging cord. It is pink, lightweight, made of Biolene instead of plastic (mainly corn starch) and it has a rechargeable battery. No batteries or money goes to waste here.

The toy only starts working upon touch with skin; this is awesome if you fall asleep after your amazing orgasm or forget to switch it off. It makes it safe to carry in your handbag. No badly-timed buzzing here.

Let’s fast forward to the juicy bits (pun intended). This smooth operator purrs in 12 speeds from gentle to a rocket-launching-into- space-powerful. But as Bjork once sang – OH. SO. QUIET. But you will not be, guaranteed. The smart air pulsation technology equals clit-whisperer cult status and serves up delicious orgasms on demand. Yes, oh yes it does. And the battery life is as never-ending as your (and my) pleasure. Just don’t involve it in your bath-time routine. Womanizer Premium Eco is splash-proof but prefers drier surroundings whilst making you wet.

When the time comes to break up with my worn-out toy, I know it comes apart to make recycling easy. Who knew orgasms could be green?

I can safely say that this is the only Womanizer I will ever let into my bed.

Get yours here £169

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