Seaweed used to lighten your hair? Something a bit witchery about that surely? Nothing short of ingenious I say. The trouble with being blonde is that traditional highlighting bleaches can make your dry, brittle or even give you hair breakage. When you are looking for blonde highlights or to be all over blonde you want that hair to shine and look healthy and nourished. In the words of Hair Organics Salon:

Our Seaweed powder combined with our Fruitoxy booster allows just small and even bursts of oxygen to be released that lighten your hair as light as required, whilst fruit oils deeply moisturise and nourish your hair often leaving it in better condition than before the process. We believe that you will notice a big difference to your highlights in that they will have a glossy shine which cannot be achieved with traditional bleaching techniques.


Styled by the London rain…


Styled by Matus !

Hair Organics got two London locations, Putney and Notting Hill with amazing team of hair stylists and colourists. I am into natural products so these guys tick all of my boxes. Even their hand wash in the bathroom is eco conscious and SLS free. But the best are the staff – always welcoming and ready for a challenge. My frizzy hair is no easy feat! Matus hails from Slovakia and brings his European flair and fun personality as well as expertise. My hair was transformed with a combination of balayage and highlights (and several cups of green tea to keep me awake after a night shift working at the hospital).

The price list for Putney salon is a bit different to the Notting Hill branch so please check it out . They also sell their award-winning hair care range to maximize after care. It is no wonder this salon won Green Salon of the Year award!

Going blonder the natural way leaves hair in superb condition and shine.

Thank you, Hair Organics!