I adore lingerie and underwear but I like combining style with comfort. Here I am chilling in my seamless Cloud Bamboo Bralette (size S) and a matching thong (10).

The bra has adjustable straps for gentle support and there are no tags or labels (no more scratchy feeling or environmental waste). My favourite thing is just how soft the material feels against my skin; bamboo, viscose, polyamide and elastane is the perfect marriage of soft texture. The composition is extremely lightweight and kind to the most sensitive skin. The bralette comes in four natural colours.

The fabric feels indulgent and luxurious yet doesn’t require special care. This is a win win for someone like me who gets bored of handwashing my smalls.

BAM Clothing gets extra points for their sustainability and positive impact on our beautiful planet.

Try ‘pants to explore in’ for yourself; your skin will thank you.