I adore lingerie and underwear but I like combining style with comfort. Here I am chilling in my seamless Cloud Bamboo Bralette (size S) and a matching thong (10).

The bra has adjustable straps for gentle support and there are no tags or labels (no more scratchy feeling or environmental waste). My favourite thing is just how soft the material feels against my skin; bamboo, viscose, polyamide and elastane is the perfect marriage of soft texture. The composition is extremely lightweight and kind to the most sensitive skin. The bralette comes in four natural colours.

The fabric feels indulgent and luxurious yet doesn’t require special care. This is a win win for someone like me who gets bored of handwashing my smalls.

BAM Clothing gets extra points for their sustainability and positive impact on our beautiful planet.

Try ‘pants to explore in’ for yourself; your skin will thank you.


In the last few months I have fallen Downward Dog over heels for Hatha Yoga. I used to be a Pilatina but yoga has stolen my heart and a couple inches off my waist!

The first few sessions were spent in uncomfortable tight leggings which cut in all the wrong places. I found myself fidgeting during some poses and my tush felt exposed. BAM Clothing Grace Yoga Pants have elevated my yoga practice to another level and brought a complete sense of calm and freedom of movement.

They are INCREDIBLY soft. I have to tell you that in capital letters as this is serious softness not to be missed. The fabric is a perfect mix of Bamboo Viscose, Organic Cotton and Elastane and the cut is beautifully high-waisted and hugs my curves like a dream.

Soft, stretchy and unbelievably comfortable, the pants have a loose fit through the leg for unrestricted bending and stretching (if you try yoga in regular trackies, they will roll down your calf pronto). The supportive double-thickness waistband and ankles have gathers for a nicely fitted and flattering effect. And have I mentioned the hidden inner third pocket? Moisture managing and kind to sensitive skin, they also have a UV protection rating of 50+ –( ideal if you take your practice outside in summer ).

Grace Yoga & Pilates pants are currently on sale and they come in 4 fabulous colours.

If you would like to read more about the BAM ethos and where their bamboo comes from, this is a truly fascinating read . I am delighted to be wearing a responsibly sourced garment to my yoga practice (and sometimes on my sofa as these soft babies are tough to part with!).

Do check out the rest of the range for the world’s softest bamboo garments (even socks and underwear).

New Year, new you, just make in BAM bamboo!

Petra XOXO


It is no surprise that I adore chocolate but as a coeliac it doesn’t always love me back. Every December I feel like I am missing out when it comes to chocolate Advent Calendars but I am sad no more. I have finally found The One with the Pure Heavenly gluten free, low sugar and vegan calendars.

These yummy calendars come in milk or white chocolate variant (I got both, duh!). I love the high quality and *of course* the taste! I definitely watch my sugar intake with my family history of diabetes and I dislike sugar-loaded gluten free chocolate where sugar is only added to mask the low quality formula.

It is especially hard to find a lovely Advent Calendar if you are gluten free and vegan. Pure Heavenly got us covered! It really makes me happy opening that little numbered window every day to enjoy a little drop of heavenly.

Now is a good time to get your calendar as three units are £15 with the code ADVENT3. You can basically eat one week worth of chocolate to catch up and save a calendar for January as a tasty countdown to payday 🙂

Pure Heavenly also run a subsciption based Chocolate Club (mmm..) . I am not surprised that they won BBC Dragons Den!

Get your chocolate fix here

Petra XOXO


Ladies, do you struggle with inspiration for Christmas gift ideas for men? I have done the hard part for you so you don’t have to. The best bit? These gifts are (mostly) unisex and great for sharing (whether he wants to or not).

Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without a new fragrance under that pretty tree. I absolutely adore Remarkable People by Etat Libre d’Orange . This is a very uplifting citrusy nectar with the note of Grapefruit and a Champagne Accord. Then the more sensual second-skin like Sandalwood, Black Pepper and comforting Cardamom join the party. It is beautifully unisex (ding ding jackpot) and extremely wearable all year round. Plus it is not a high-street formula which everyone owns. This is the perfect scent for that remarkable person!

£85 for 50ml

Men love gadgets and Arcwave Ion Pleasure Air Technology Stroker will (literally) love them back! The Stroker is a sleek sex toy for penis owners and focuses on delivering the best sensation to the sensitive tip (the closest thing to a female orgasm). Arcwave has taken the male orgasm into another level and orgasms is the gift that just keeps on giving.

In the words of Arcwave: Experience a new type of orgasm as unique pulsating airwaves stimulate sensitive Pacinian pleasure receptors in the frenulum.

If he has been a truly good boy, £169 will be well spent! Happiness for you both.

Does he steal your skincare or washes his face with a shower gel full of chemicals? Agne from Ginger Fox Natural Beauty has the perfect solution in the shape of Superfood AHA Cleansing Lotion. This cleanser is suitable even for the most sensitive skin (aka yours) and contains my favourite Kaolin Clay. This is an awesome skincare hero for tackling breakouts. Alpha-Hydroxy Acids gently exfoliate (this helps with pesky ingrown hairs for his face and your bikini line) and deliver deep cleanse whilst leaving skin silky soft. Turmeric and Green Tea extract tackle inflammation and bacteria and Avocado Oil nourishes.

The best part? This £19 cleanser doubles up as a face mask.

Whilst I am talking about pampering, I can highly recommend booking a treatment or a spa day at The Corinthia Hotel. This is a dreamy spa in the heart of London but built under the hotel so you are in a tranquil world of your own. The spa got a gorgeous state of the art aqua room. The marble loungers are heated and the warm fire will keep him cosy (or you if you sneakily get a couples treat). I had a hot stone massage and a full body scrub treatment so I know how relaxing this piece of heaven is. You can easily spend the entire day there as you can pop upstairs for a spot of light healthy lunch in your dressing gown.

Want an extra treat? Try their afternoon tea made of cute sweet nibbles, fluffy finger sandwiches and buttery scones. They even cater for *people like me* aka gluten free gal with an expensive taste.

But you will need to shed your robe for this five star experience and slip into something more elegant (with an elasticated waist).

Everyone likes a good snooze, even the male species. Drowsy got you (and his eyes covered). This is a superb sleep mask made from real Mulberry silk. It is a padded soft bliss that wraps around the head and doesn’t slip off all night (honestly). This is especially handy if your man works night shifts or he lives on a busy street with lights.

Favourite part? This £59.95 silky babe doubles up as a blindfold for bedroom play which makes the price tag (almost) acceptable.

Happy Holidays! x


I am a loyal devotee to body scrubs, but I had no idea one could be this special. And it is not ‘just a scrub’ – this is an Olverum Body Polish. And I like Olverum products just like I like starting my sentences with an and.

This seductive newcomer quickly cast all my gritty oily scrubs aside. The luxe glass jar contains the best mixture of papaya enzyme, hydroclay and essential oils. I have used exfoliating papaya-based face masks in the past but never knew just how good a Fermented Papaya Enzyme would treat the skin on my body.

The dead dry skin cells get broken down without any harsh scrubbing. It feels like a relaxing massage. Even the delicate skin on my chest loves this which has been essential at removing sunscreen build up and other deep-set impurities. This is where Hydroclay comes to play. Paired up with Bamboo and Pumice, it means business but leaves skin satin soft. No oily residue or grease. Give me more, please.

I must tell you just how good this body polish smells. The Olverum alchemists had me at Bergamot and Ylang Ylang, but really got me hooked on the Grapefruit, Geranium and Rosemary spa-like aroma. I don’t even need a body lotion after this, and I love the subtle scent it kisses my skin with.

I also love knowing that I can recycle this glass pot (although I am keeping mine for storing hair grips). Olverum Body Polish is vegan and cruelty-free, free from artificial preservatives, fragrance and colourants, Silicone, Mineral Oil, Petrolatum, Sulphates, Phthalates, Parabens, Triclosan and animal derived ingredients.

Olverum Body Polish is part of my self-care ritual. I find the smell extremely comforting; my skin is buffed and shined yet soothed. If Olverum made scented cashmere shawls, this would be it.

Olverum Body Polish £38


With the salons getting shut during the pandemic, we all turned to our home beauty treatments and face masks. I certainly missed my Botox and microdermabrasion. There is no amount of scrub that can mimic the wonders of deep exfoliation and creams to fake true radiance.

 I am so excited to introduce you to my best kept secret, the Ultraderm MD by Trophy Skin 3-in-1 system. Fake no more and discover your best skin (you are welcome).

This white and rose gold beauty comes with all the tips, charger and a year’s supply of filters. There is a built-in mirror; the device looks more like a precious trinket box, promising magical skin. Yes, please!

When you turn on your machine, the mirror lights up and it produces gentle purring sound which means business but nothing too loud or intimidating.

So, what does this sleek in-home skincare gadget do?

UltradermMD exfoliates, extracts, polishes, brightens, tones and revitalizes your skin for an instantly softer, smoother complexion.

But I can say it does so much more – it will give you skin confidence like never before. And the power is literally at your fingertips.

My favourite part is that it buffed away dull and dry rough skin patches with minimal effort. The diamond tips (diamonds are a girls’ best friend after all) gently worked its way round my neglected face and I couldn’t help but tested it on my hands and elbows too. My chest got a good seeing to as I watched the filter filling up with dead skin cells. Deep exfoliation and improving skin radiance equals deep satisfaction in my books.

UltradermMD deserves all the praise in the world; my skin feels so smooth and soft (cannot stop touching my face!). Just one treatment was enough to see a difference (seriously). My make up goes on smoother too and I am slowly phasing out foundation. My skin is not to be hidden anymore now the texture is improving with each use. Clear, glowing complexion beats layers of make-up any day. Even my partner noticed a difference and asked to try it (I might be needing more filters soon!).

Another amazing feature of UltradermMD is the pore extraction function. My skin has been getting so clogged with pores becoming visible. The suction tip tackled my unsightly blackheads on the nose with ease. The well-lit magnifying mirror is perfect for this.

The touch screen allows you to choose the treatment mode between 3 different microdermabrasion modes, kinetic toning, or pore extraction.

I was afraid that the instructions were going to baffle me but even as a newbie, I was able to use the beginner setting that guided me step by step. The small screen shows each move clearly and there is a timer, so you don’t get carried away (easily done with rookie excitement).

I am very pale so my skin turns little bit pink after a treatment. But I promise there is zero pain and a lot of gain.

It is incredible to be able to have such a gadget at home. I used to pay so much money for my salon microdermabrasion treatments! Now I can do it at the comfort of my home. This is such a good investment.

In the (wise) words of Trophy Skin:

“Lustrous, youthful skin isn’t out of reach.  It’s just below the surface, hidden by layers of dull and dead skin cells that build up over time.  Firm lifted skin is also in your grasp with UltradermMD.  This unique 3-in-1 system pampers your skin”.

I can honestly say that my skin has never felt THIS CLEAN and all without irritation or pain. This is a pleasant and results driven treatment that can be done from your sofa. It really doesn’t get better than UltradermMD 3-in-1 system.

Available from Current BodyTrophy and Amazon £160-250