Let me introduce you to my new bedroom addition, Melt by WeVibe. This slick blue toy arrived in a classy white satin bag accompanied by a lubricant sample and a white magnetic charger that simply plugs into my laptop. Rechargable is my mantra.

The toy’s silicone surface is soft to touch and the shape is dynamic which makes it easy to hold (and my hands are tiny). The suction tip is also great to use for nipple stimulation and for teasing the penis head. Melt is the perfect company if you want to play. It comes with a Bluetooth app so your partner can control it from distance. But let’s focus on solo action here.

The Melt isn’t a classic vibrator with bells and whistles; this is a sophisticated technological marvel delivering signature Womanizer’s Pleasure Air Technology. The sensation is pulsating waves and gentle suction that feels like unlike anything else (that another human cannot give you). This five star rated gadget is a safe bet to serve you an orgasm on demand. With 12 speeds (yes, 12!) this is a cert winner that will never disappoint. The lowest setting is also super discreetly quiet (but you might not be).

Did I mention this blue babe is waterproof and guilt free? Treat your clitoris to Melt, you will have zero regrets but plenty intense orgasms.

Get your own here £119


As an eco-conscious Aquarius lady, I knew I had to get my manicured mitts on Womanizer’s latest Premium Eco toy. It arrived in a fully recyclable packaging and an environment friendly charging cord. It is pink, lightweight, made of Biolene instead of plastic (mainly corn starch) and it has a rechargeable battery. No batteries or money goes to waste here.

The toy only starts working upon touch with skin; this is awesome if you fall asleep after your amazing orgasm or forget to switch it off. It makes it safe to carry in your handbag. No badly-timed buzzing here.

Let’s fast forward to the juicy bits (pun intended). This smooth operator purrs in 12 speeds from gentle to a rocket-launching-into- space-powerful. But as Bjork once sang – OH. SO. QUIET. But you will not be, guaranteed. The smart air pulsation technology equals clit-whisperer cult status and serves up delicious orgasms on demand. Yes, oh yes it does. And the battery life is as never-ending as your (and my) pleasure. Just don’t involve it in your bath-time routine. Womanizer Premium Eco is splash-proof but prefers drier surroundings whilst making you wet.

When the time comes to break up with my worn-out toy, I know it comes apart to make recycling easy. Who knew orgasms could be green?

I can safely say that this is the only Womanizer I will ever let into my bed.

Get yours here £169

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