There are so many lubricants on the market, but they are not all equal. Once I started reading the labels and paying attention to the ingredients, I was shocked just how many contain silicone, perfumes, Phenoxyethanol, Petroleum and Chlorhexidine. Most of these cause irritation and can be toxic to the delicate vaginal tissue.

I have been using In2Mate Natural Lubricant to ease the friction in the bedroom and add more slippery fun. This cute pink and white bottle contains 75ml of pH optimised, prebiotic and rejuvenating actives. It is un-fragranced and super gentle.

I don’t struggle with dryness (lucky me) but I like adding a lubricant into the mix. Only clean beauty will make the cut onto my nightstand. Although In2Mate products are not aimed just for lubrication. The prebiotic content truly protects and can prevent urinary tract infection and ease any discomfort caused by tight clothing ( I am looking at you, yoga pants!).

What makes In2Mate special? The formula contains Levan, a natural plant fructose that protects plants against damage from frost and drought by locking in moisture. It protects the skin in the same way, plus it adds smoother more slippery feel for both partners.

A lubricant isn’t a female only product. I wish more men would stop buying artificial cherry or faux chocolate liquid disasters that will only upset the vaginal balance (and our noses).

The other bonus is that this rejuvenating lubricant looks after healthy bacterial balance. It is no wonder it has been receiving stellar 5 star reviews. It is also vegan and cruelty-free.

In2Mate Natural Lubricant is a high performer, 99% natural and only costs £6.50. What a good find.


I display Vella Women’s Pleasure Serum on my nightstand proudly; the dark pink packaging with transparent lid is luxe, and the product inside *literally* makes me happy on the inside. So how does it work?

Twenty minutes prior solo play or sex with my partner, I apply three pumps of this CBD goodness onto my inner labia and clitoris. There is no tingling or burning sensation as you might expect with traditional products available on the market; The sensation is more of a warm relaxed feeling.

The 320mg CBD nano-encapsulated molecule is pure and active, which allows the dosing to be deep and exacting. When I say deep, the CBD is delivered into the tissues where it works to relax the smooth muscle. This stimulates arousal, followed by deeper and more satisfying orgasm.

Vella caters for every vagina and clitoris at any age or life stage. The vegan and paraben free formula assists with lubrication which makes it a lubricant and an arousal serum in one.

The complexity of female orgasm can be challenging and there is often a pressure to perform instead of enjoyment. For me, this product makes me feel in mood even when my body and brain tell me otherwise. Vella Pleasure Serum makes coming possible and amplifies every orgasm. The world would be a better place if we all had orgasms, and I truly believe having them is a part of our full body health and a major part in self-care.

“Vella Women’s Pleasure Serum is an orgasm in a bottle”

16 uses $65

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