I display Vella Women’s Pleasure Serum on my nightstand proudly; the dark pink packaging with transparent lid is luxe, and the product inside *literally* makes me happy on the inside. So how does it work?

Twenty minutes prior solo play or sex with my partner, I apply three pumps of this CBD goodness onto my inner labia and clitoris. There is no tingling or burning sensation as you might expect with traditional products available on the market; The sensation is more of a warm relaxed feeling.

The 320mg CBD nano-encapsulated molecule is pure and active, which allows the dosing to be deep and exacting. When I say deep, the CBD is delivered into the tissues where it works to relax the smooth muscle. This stimulates arousal, followed by deeper and more satisfying orgasm.

Vella caters for every vagina and clitoris at any age or life stage. The vegan and paraben free formula assists with lubrication which makes it a lubricant and an arousal serum in one.

The complexity of female orgasm can be challenging and there is often a pressure to perform instead of enjoyment. For me, this product makes me feel in mood even when my body and brain tell me otherwise. Vella Pleasure Serum makes coming possible and amplifies every orgasm. The world would be a better place if we all had orgasms, and I truly believe having them is a part of our full body health and a major part in self-care.

“Vella Women’s Pleasure Serum is an orgasm in a bottle”

16 uses $65

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Bulbul Hooda – The Brand Creator & Chief Marketing Officer at Vella

You have such an impressive 15-year experience building and growing award-winning brands for the likes of L’Oreal. What attracted you to Vella? 

After spending all this time at big beauty and CPG conglomerates, I was ready to take the next step in my career. Something that can keep me up at night. Vella was exactly that.

We are witnessing a sexual wellness boom, stemming from the convergence of beauty and wellness. Today, self-care has naturally extended beyond beauty and found an anchor in health, fitness and sexual wellness. It was intuitive for Vella to be positioned at the intersection of science and prestige beauty as a women-first, digitally native prestige beauty brand. What differentiates Vella from the other players is that we have a scientific breakthrough powering our product. That is every marketer’s dream come true.

What makes Vella different from the other female sexual wellness and arousal products on the market?

My top three would be:

1) Our research-based, clinical test backed discipline resulting in our proprietary nano-encapsulated CBD technology.

2) The target audience panning the entire spectrum of women at any age or life stage.

3)  Vella’s sophisticated branding that differentiates and elevates our proposition.

Please tell me your inspiration behind the choice of packaging and branding.

We spent a lot of time articulating the visual and verbal identity for Vella. It was critical to have provocative, straightforward imagery in order to normalize the conversation around female pleasure. We wanted to call it what it is. The balance between sophisticated beauty codes and finding the right packaging for precise dosing was most interesting. Likewise, we took our time to find our voice – relatable, informative but also always fun. Ultimately, it is pleasure that is our main proposition, and we aim to please in all aspects 🙂 

Which retailers will be stocking Vella in the UK and the USA?

We have already launched at Shen Beauty, Nordstrom, Cos Bar and Lemon Laine in the US, and some big news is around the corner on strategic retail partnerships during the summer. We are in talks with a few partners in the UK as well, stay tuned until we finalize those. 

What does your average work day at Vella looks like?

We are a lean and agile team, and we work remotely, which makes communicating at all times crucial. From setting up a company and bringing a brand to life in under 12 months was no easy feat. And we were also in parallel in the midst of our Seed II funding round (We have since raised $7MM). Let’s say, things tend to get a bit busy. 

Do you have any career advice for anyone looking to follow in your steps?

This is easier said than done but try to prepare a roadmap and set your career milestones. And of course, be flexible as sometimes things don’t stay on plan, but if you don’t know where you are going, you are sure to get lost.